The scientific, medical and technological origin of the Vacumed machine lie in space medicine. Due to the weightlessness in orbit, a solution had to be found to avoid orthrostatic complications. This was achieved by the development of the Vacumed system. A session is done every ten hours where the Lower Body Negative Pressure
Device ensures efficient blood circulation despite the lack of gravity.

VACUMED® functions like a second heart, sucks fresh blood into the feet and legs and pumps used blood or lymph back into the trunk. A pleasant side effect of this “space treatment” is that lymph-dependent waste products, the substances that cause cellulite, are soaked up and excreted. Faster muscle recovery is also achieved for athletes with a high training load.

VACUMED® therapy is used in internal medicine, angiology, phlebology, cardiology, dermatology and rehabilitation through:

  • Passive vascular training
  • Distinct enhancement of peripheral blood flow
  • Significant improvement of walking distance
  • Pain relieve
  • Lymph drainage

Indications for use include:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) (venous leg ulcers, varicose veins)
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Oedema (swelling)
  • Ulcers and non-healing wounds
  • Post-operative / post-traumatic swellings
  • Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAD / PAOD) (poo circulation)
  • Diabetic neuropathy (burning feet)
  • Chronic pain (legs, back, wounds, arthritis)
  • Enhanced wound healing
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Rehabilitation and recovery of sport and other injuries including fractures
  • Lymphoedema – tissue firming/toning/reshaping/cellulite treatment

Recent Study with interesting figures relating to lactic acid and muscle recovery: